About Us

Manufacturer of "GUJCHEM" Brand "Water Treatment Plant & Water Treatment Chemicals" for RO, Boiler, Cooling Tower, ETP & MED Plant

GUJCHEM INTERNATIONAL is a total Water Management Engineering Company involved in all the activities from Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Erection & Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance, Consultancy, Turnkey Execution of Water & Waste Water Management System

We as team possess vast experience in water treatment procedures and systems, owing it all to continuous effort by implementing new technologies via R&D and pilot studies. We at GUJCHEM INTERNATIONAL has in-depth knowledge about water management systems used for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes.

Water and wastewater treatment are critical to every industry. Each industry has its own set of requirement which determine treatment needs, from process water to wastewater. GUJCHEM INTERNATIONAL is ready to help you to meet these requirements.

Through high-purity water technology and related services, GUJCHEM INTERNATIONAL helps industries and manufacturers to meet specific water quality requirements to ensure consistent processes and production. We have become a formidable team competent to deal with any necessity arising out of water treatment. We are apt at trouble-shooting technical snags as well.

We solicit a long-standing association with clients who require solutions for their water management needs. We give an assurance that our ‘GUJCHEM INTERNATIONAL’ brand of service will always be the best.

We go a step forward in establishing and maintaining good relations with our clients.

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Our Philosophy

About Water

Earth is the “watery planet”. With over 70% of the earth’s surface covered with water, it makes the most common substance on earth.

Water is one of mankind most valuable resource and there is an ever increasing demand for good quality water for both industrial and domestic use.

Our Vision

In this era where global water resources are being put to strain by the ever increasing demand for good quality water, recycling & conservation will be future to all.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a satisfactory service to complement our quality products and offering clients the latest technology in the field of water and waste water treatment.

In fulfilling this mission, We value our customers’ requirements and we provide the most innovative and technologically advanced quality system at reasonable prices to our customers with full transparency. We mutually try to share our knowledge and experience which enable us to manufacture most operational friendly water treatment system in-house to ensure system reliability. Many of our outsourced parts are designed specifically made to order for so as to meet our stringent specifications.

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