Our Strength

  • Laboratory and R&D Department

    Our laboratory is fully furnished and capable to analysis concern water such as cooling water, boiler water, boiler feed water, condensate water, make up water, effluent, RO Water etc. in term of,

    • pH
    • TDS
    • Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness
    • Phenolphthalein Alkalinity
    • Methyl Orange Alkalinity
    • Calcium Hardness
    • Silica
    • Iron
    • Nitrate
    • Sulphate
    • Phosphate, etc.
  • Technical Staff & Services

    Our well-established research and development facilities are backed by team of experienced research professional who assist us in successfully evolving innovative techniques to fulfill the product up gradation requirements as per the ever-changing demands of the market. Additionally, they have complete hold over the involved processes that enable us to design and fabricate novel range of water purification and treatment chemicals, which meets the unique requirements of our clients.